A selection of DOCUMENTARIES

2017 / Dutch Public Broadcasting (EO)

Sobibor excavated, the 4 stages of deceit

Director / Executive Producer

Selected for IDFA, broadcasted on national television

A burned name tag is found in Sobibor, a former nazi extermination camp in Poland, which sparks a series of events.


The Long Run

Director / Executive Producer / Cinematographer

- Nominated for best short documentary In-Edit Amsterdam

These musicians wrote the soundtrack of my youth. How are they? Where are they? Why is it that their music still hits me after all these years?

As a boy growing up in a small village in Nigeria, Innocent Anyanwu realized the cycle of poverty and hardship had to be broken. He set out into the world to realize drinking water for the people of his village. Ten years and three continents later, he is about to fulfill his dream by becoming a boxing champion.

2012 / Dutch Public Broadcasting (EO)

I am Innocent

Co-Director / Co-Executive Producer / Co-Cinematographer

Selected for IDFA, broadcasted on national television


Zee van IJs (Sea of Ice)

Director / Executive Producer / Cinematographer

Broadcasted on several regional Dutch broadcasters

During the harsh winter of 1849 three fishermen got caught on an ice shelf and floated around on the remote and relentless South Sea for two weeks.


The Silence in Between

Director / Executive Producer / Cinematographer

Selected for the Warsaw International Film Festival

What is 'the Funk'? We toured Europe with funk legend George Clinton and his crew to find out.

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